Sunday, September 28, 2014

Mt Graham

For labor day we took our family up to the mountain and dragged Grandma Paula and Grandpa Phil with us. We had lunch, went on a hike to the bear caves, and played some horse shoes. It was nice to get away. The boys did a great job on the hike. Better than I thought they would do. My dad did amazing at horse shoes. He got a couple of ringers. 

Everyday Life

Three Amigos! These boys love there sister. I hope they always take good care of her!
      Drew is good at smiling for the camera, "Cheese."
 Our little thumb sucker!

Just Chillin

4 Months Old

Zoey is 4 months old already! I can't believe how fast she is growing up.  Everyday I look at her and think, I can't believe I have a girl! For some reason after I had 2 boys and no sisters I thought for sure I wasn't going to have a girl. Then I was blessed with Zoey and she is the best baby ever! She is starting to laugh and smile more. She rolls over both ways. She sleeps through the night most nights. I just have to put her in her crib and she finds her thumb and goes to sleep all by herself. I couldn't ask for a sweeter baby. I soak up everyday I get to be with her. Like Blake says, "She is our angel."

Blake's 1st Day of School

 Blake's did so good on his 1st day of school. I was really nervous cause he hasn't dealt with change very well in the past. His teacher wrote him a note before school started. The note told him that they were going to have a teddy bear picnic. He could bring a stuffed friend with him. I thought for sure he would choose his stuffed pillow Lightening McQueen but to my surprise he picked out his big blue bunny that he got for Easter. I asked him why he chose the Bunny and his reply was, "So I can hide my eyes from my teacher so I won't be scared." We got to the door of his classroom and his teacher was there to greet him and he looked at her and went back to me with fear in his little face. I told him it's okay, just go inside and put your backpack and bunny at your desk and then you can go and play on the playground. So he put that bunny across his face and walked in, set his stuff down, and ran outside to the playground. Drew followed and so I got to chase Drew around the playground with Zoey in my arms. Drew wanted to play with Blake but Blake kept running. No good bye, No I love you. I was okay with that only because he was so happy and was so brave. I was so proud of him. 

After school when I came to pick him up his first words were, "I got to eat hot dogs at the cafeteria!" He had such a good time at school. I asked him if he liked his teacher and he said, Yeah! He warmed up really fast.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Such a good sleeper!

Zoey is such a good sleeper she can sleep through the night. If she does wake up it's only once. However most of the time she sleeps from about 10pm til 7am. My boys were awful sleepers. Drew is still an awful sleeper. He wakes up 3-5 times during the night. It is so hard. I needed Zoey to be a good sleeper and Heavenly Father knew that.