Thursday, March 20, 2014

Boys will be boys!

Drew figured out how to turn the water on at Grandpas shed and I caught him having quite the good time! Blake was a little hesitant and was content egging Drew on. He finally jumped in on the fun but didn't get as muddy as Drew. As you can see when Drew was done he wanted cleaned and right away!

I can't believe Blake will be 5 soon!

Blake is growing up so fast! He learned how to ride his bike without training wheels and he caught on so fast. The only thing he needed help with is getting started cause his bike is pretty big. The second day he figured it out and now he is a pro. Sometimes a little to confident. The other day he a had a pretty good crash and it gave him quite the fat lip! 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Boys Enjoying the Weather!

I know this was taken in January when it's suppose to be really cold but the perks of living in south eastern Arizona is that we get nice weather in the winter sometimes. This was one of those times. Grandpa next door let the boys have  the drinks that were in the fridge from Christmas time when they had company. Grandpa was prepping for the garden. I'm so excited to be able to help with the garden this year! The boys are so fun. They get along so well for the most part. Blake is a wonderful big brother. I am so lucky I had him first.

New year!

For New Years this year Louis and I were sick with a terrible cold. We went to my parents house and ate and played games until 9 and then came home and went to bed. 
This is Blake in his new Sunday outfit he got from grandma and grandpa McBride. He is getting so big! He is now a CTR 4. He has a new teacher Sis Montoya. He had a really hard 1st week but now he is finally going to both his classes by himself for the 1st time since we moved into the ward in September. I guess all it took was new kids in his class, a new teacher, and a new year.
His class in primary is so big they have to split it into two classes. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Christmas 2013

This year for Christmas we stayed home for the first time. After we opened presents at home we went to Grandma Paula and Grandpa Phil’s house and opened even more presents. They spoiled Blake, like always. Blake really wanted a bike for Christmas this year! He wanted a hot wheels bike that was smaller than the one he got from Santa. When he first walked in the room to see what Santa brought he was confused cause his hot wheels bike wasn’t there. The planes bike he got was a little big for him but he will be able to use it longer. Drew got a trike and Blake liked that bike and Drew wanted to ride Blake’s Bike. Blake’s favorite toy he got was the monster truck and the transformer.  After we opened presents we went to great grandma/pa Thatcher’s house.  Grandma made yummy green chili burritos and cheese crisps for the kids. Then we all came back over to Grandma Paula and Grandpa Phil’s house to skype with Ethan. Ethan is on a mission in Utah.

Drew was the first one to wake up at about 7 am. He went into the front room and instead of getting on his new trike he went straight to the monster truck that Santa brought. Drew got a trike and Blake liked that bike and Drew wanted to ride Blake’s Bike. Drew got pop tarts in his stocking and didn’t want to put it down the whole time. Since he had a pop tart in his hand he didn’t really want to open presents. Drew’s favorite toy he got was the monster truck. He got musical instruments from the Cheney grandparents. He loved all the toys that his McBride Grandparents gave him. The Train was his favorite.


 Louis and I went and got a king size bed the day after Christmas. We got a really good deal because the store was getting rid of there overstock. They had forgotten to mark our bed and so it was sitting in the back just waiting for us!  A king size bed is a nice upgrade from the full size we have been on the last 7  years. My parents gave us a recliner chair and a new rug.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Drew is 18 Months

Drew got sick and wasn't feeling good for about a week and life was miserable for all of us. This picture was taken the day he finally started eating and feeling good. I love my little guy especially when he is happy!

Drew is growing up so fast and I wanted to document some of the things he is up to now. 

  • He is finally in nursery!
  • He is a little "Mine"-o-saur
  • Loves Dogs
  • Drew wakes up most mornings at 6:30. I consider myself lucky if he sleeps till 7:30
  • Every Morning when he wakes up he yells Mommy, Where are you? If I don't come right away he starts calling for Blake, who is still sleeping.
  • When he gets really sleepy he wants to go bye-bye in the car seat so he can fall asleep.
  • All of his teeth have broken through the gum :)
  • He loves his puppy and binkie
  • He loves mac and cheese
  • He loves to throw things in the garbage if we ask him
  • He loves to see his grandparents and great-grandparents
  • When he sees the camera and want us to take a picture of him he says Cheese but when I want to take a picture of him he wants nothing to do with the camera.
  • He does not like to eat with his bib on
  • Has a temper if he doesn't get his way
  • Is so cuddly and loving when he is tired, hurt, or has seen you in awhile

Monday, October 7, 2013

Heber Visit

We were able to go visit in Heber. Louis was able to go and help his Dad get wood. Karen and I took the boys for a little bit but they got puckered out pretty fast. Blake loved the whistle he got to wear just in case he got lost or hurt and needed some help. Grandpa and Grandma are always prepared.
We had a good time.