Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I Have to Tell Grandpa Something!

Oftentimes in the morning as we are eating breakfast we see Grandpa Clarence McBride through the window. Drew loves to run outside and say Hi. Today we saw Grandpa and Drew started for outside. We asked him what he was doing. He said, "I'm going to tell grandpa something!" We asked him what? and his reply was, "I have problems." Louis and I laughed so hard and agreed that indeed he did have problems. I was just telling Louis that Drew had another rough night. He keeps waking up in the night with nightmares and he cries and gets out of bed, which wakes up Zoey! The life of a Mother! I love my little ones so much though they make all the hard times worth it with just one smile, or I love you!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Drew's Words of Wisdom

My kids have been saying the funniest things lately. I just laugh and am so happy and I think I will never forget what they said. The next week I find myself trying to tell someone the funny thing my child was saying and I can't remember. So for the sake of remembering I'm going to try and write down just some of the fun things they say.

The other day Blake and Drew were arguing and Drew got mad. 
The conversation that took place:
He turned to Blake and said, " I'm getting the bad guys to come and get the cops to put you in jail." Blake responds, "you don't even know any cops." 
Drew then says, "Yes I do!" 
Blake - "What are there names then?" 
Drew - "Copies"

Blake and I just started laughing and laughing and it was making Drew so mad. I just couldn't stop myself. Out of the mouth of babes!

Friday, August 21, 2015

School Blues!

Today I woke up at 6:30. I found myself sleeping with Drew in his bed. I got up so I could say bye to Louis and get Blake up and ready for school. I was soooo tired. I woke up several times last night. All three of the kids needed me. Blake woke up at 3 with a nightmare. Then Zoey woke up at 4, so I fed her so she would go back to sleep and not wake anyone else up. Drew woke up at 5 so I went in and layed down with him and I must have fallen asleep. I looked all around the house and realized Blake was no where to be found. My second thought was maybe he went next door to get a donut from Grandpa. So I went over there and nope he wasn't there. This is where I start to panic. I knew he didn't want to go to school. Last night he begged us to let him stay home Friday. I go back inside and I hear a door shut. I knew he was around now. So I keep looking and Louis keeps looking and finally Louis found him. He was running around the outside of the house hiding from us cause he really didn't want to go to school. Blake has never been like this so I knew something was up. So I drilled him. I finally got the real reason he didn't want to got to school out of him. Apparently all week long they have had work to do. If they don't finish they have to put it on red which means they have to finish it on Friday. Well he said that everyday he didn't finish his work so he had soooo much work to do today cause it was Friday. He is scared that that teacher is going to time him. Blake has time anxiety pretty bad. So we decided to say a prayer to calm his nerves. I went in and made some pancakes. While he ate and I finished making up the rest of the pancakes I told him a story. The story goes like this. Two days ago Zoey threw my phone in the a bucket of water that was in the shower. Afterwards I would call someone but couldn't hear them. I said a prayer that I would be able to call people on the phone. Later in the day it worked and I was able to call people. Then that night my touch screen stopped working. So I woke up and was taking to my Mom when she told me I should have put it in rice. well it was 24 hours from the accident and I knew it would probably be too late. However I tried it out. I put it in rice and as I was doing so I said another prayer that it would work. After only being in the rice 10 min I pulled it out and tried it, and it worked! I was so happy. Blake was really impressed with this story and it really helped him believe that prayer does work. I told him that if there was anytime in life even in school that he needed help he could say a prayer and Heavenly Father would help him. This gave him the courage to go to school and not be afraid anymore.

I know I had this experience to help my testimony and Blake's. Heavenly Father knew that Blake would need that at that time. I had no idea all week what was happening with Blake at school. He seemed happy and when I asked him how school went he would say good. Heavenly Father did know what was going on at school and in Blakes mind. Our Father knows us so well and knows what we need and when. I am so grateful for prayer and for a Loving Heavenly Father that answers those prayers.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

1st Day of School

Preface: Last night the school had a Meet and Greet. I took Blake and Drew came along for the ride. Basically I can't go anywhere without him. Blake was terrified. It took me 15 min to get him to go in the classroom. He wouldn't talk to his teacher or anyone actually. Drew saw Blake's fear and got scared and wanted me to hold him. It was really hard and I was really nervous about how the morning was going to go.

1st Day of School

I wanted Blake and Louis to have an organized, non stressful, perfect 1st day of school. Louis is teaching at the high school and is teaching college algebra this year. Blake is starting 1st grade. In my mind I wanted the perfect morning. The morning, however, was anything but perfect. Drew had a horrible night he woke up about 10 times. Zoey woke up 2 times. Then to top it off Blake woke up at 5:15 with a a bad dream and couldn't go back to sleep. I peeled myself out of bed so we could all have breakfast together. I made the 3 eggs we had. The chickens haven't been laying very good. We had cereal with 1 cup of milk. Drew drank too much at night. So Breakfast was less than desirable. Blake wanted me to make him a lunch which I wasn't planning on because last year he Loved eating at the cafeteria. Last night at back to school night he got a code for the cafeteria and was asked to memorize it. He was scared about the code and didn't want to eat at the cafeteria. So I had to pack him leftovers from last night. I didn't have any good lunch box food. Then Blake really wanted to ride his bike. Thankfully we left with enough time. Drew rode his big bike with training wheels while Zoey rode in the stroller. Drew was terrified of his bike the whole time and wanted me to pull him. He kept saying this is so scary. He used to ride his bike with very little fear. The whole way was absolutely miserable It was also hot and humid. Once we got to school we locked up Blake's bike and took him to his classroom. I told him to put his backpack on the rack outside and his friends came up to him with a warm welcome! His teacher asked him to organize his things inside. His friends went in with him and  just like that he was off on his own. I am so grateful we live in a small town. With so many friendly people and that Blake can have good friends and teachers. Can't wait to hear about how his day went.

Teagan's Warm Welcome! He was so excited to see Blake

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Drew is 3

My Little Drew turned 3! We had a little birthday party for him. Braden and his family came and my parents came. We kept it pretty low key cause Drew was sick and we didn't want to infect everyone. Braden and my parents wanted to come even after the warning. He got lot's of gifts and loved eating his cake and ice-cream! Drew is such a sweet kid. He gives good hugs, is a mama's boy. He doesn't sleep well at all. He wakes up almost nightly with night terrors. He Loves all things with sugar. He loves Zoey and Blake and plays well with them most of the time. He has been potty trained since he was 2 and a half even through the night. The down fall is he wakes us up at night to go to the bathroom. Between him having to go to the bathroom at night and his night terrors he wakes up 3 to 4 times at night. He loves playing with cars.  He loves going to his great grandma/pa McBrides house to get Hug drinks and cookies, pop tarts and donuts. We love Drew and our so glad he is part of our family.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mother's Day

For Mother's Day this year Louis and the boys made me breakfast in bed complete with a package of peanut M&M's.  I decided to go to the table to eat with the rest of the family and got a awesome Mother's Day surprise. Drew puked at the table and I got to help Louis clean it up. That was the start to a wonderful day. Blake made me a purse and his class went on a field trip to home depot and planted flowers.  I love the flower he picked. At church I got a XL Hersheys candy bar with Almonds and a rose. Drew drew me a picture and got me candy kisses in nursery. Even though being a mother is so much work and so hard for me it's little moments like these that I love minus the puke! I felt so sad because I couldn't really be with my Mom for Mothers day cause I was taking care of sick kids! Louis let me go to Gilbert with my parents and Emma for Sydney's Bridal shower on Saturday and he watched the kids all day. It was so nice to get away for a little bit. 

This is the card I made for my Mother and Mother-in law. I of course switched the bottom picture for my Mom. I had so much fun making it.

Drew is 3

Drew's Birthday was on Monday. The day after Mother's Day. Since he was a little sick we just had a small little party. He wanted an airplane cake and this is what he got! Simple, but he loved it. He got the movie Fire and Rescue, a helicopter from the movie, and some sandals from his McBride Grandparents. Braden and his family came and got him a puzzle, squirt guns, and a pirate book. Ethan wasn't able to come but he got him a bubble gun. Emily and Jesse got him some sidewalk chalk. We got him a bike cause he was outgrowing his trike.

Drew weighs 29 lbs and is 38 inches. He loves cereal and milk. That is pretty much all he eats. He loves sweets! He loves to play with Blake. Nap times have been rough, he usually waits tip he is completely exhausted and whines for me to hold him. I pick him up and he falls asleep really quick. It's usually at the worst time of the day. Either after school while I'm trying to get Blake to do his homework or right when I'm suppose to be making Louis lunch. I love the cuddle time though. He is completely potty trained day and night. It's a challenge cause he always wants us to put him on the potty and he wakes up 2 or 3 times in the night. He is a early riser. He doesn't usually sleep past 6:30. He has the cutest smile and when he does something wrong or makes a mess he comes and tells me he is sorry and sometimes cleans it up. He is at the phase where he says, "ok" and goes and does most things we ask. I love it! He loves playing with cars, especially in the bathroom sink. I just love this kid and can't believe how quickly he is growing up.