Sunday, October 28, 2012

Disneyland and Grandmas House

In a desperate attempt to get Blake to be more obedient I told him that if he was good and earned 100 pennies we could go to Disneyland. I know it seems extreme but we (I) were wanting to take him anyways. I have only been to Disneyland once in my life and it was when I was 3.  The concept is working really well. Blake is really excited to go. Then the other Blake was begging to go to Grandma's house and so Louis told him that we could go to Grandma's for only 50 pennies instead of Disneyland for 100. Blake got so excited and said Okay, sounds good! So today at dinner Louis told Blake that he would give him a penny if he ate a little piece of onion. Blake finished it and Louis said, "Good Job Blake your on your way to a healthy life" and Blake's reply was, "Yeah! I'm on my way to Grandma's house!"

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Ali said...

Just goes to show Grandma's are THE BEST! This is adorable.