Sunday, February 17, 2013

Drew is 9 Months

Drew had his 9 month check-up on Monday. It came at the perfect time because he got really sick on Sunday and I was really worried about him having strep or an ear infection. He just had a cold/flu. When I say just that doesn't mean that is hasn't been really rough this last week. He won't eat or sleep and he wines all day and night. He has a terrible cough, running nose, and I'm sure sore throat. It doesn't help that his 5th tooth broke through. I"m sure teething had a lot to do with him getting sick, it always does. Saturday I started to get my baby back. He is smiling again, playing, and eating again! Happy day. He still has a little cough but things are looking up.

The doctor wasn't really happy with his weight but he is growing tall and his head is growing so he isn't too concerned but he wants us to try to get him more calories.  He only gained 11oz in 3 months. He hasn't been a super good eater yet but we hope things change and he gets nice and chubby! Oh and he is a little bit anemic.

Weight: 18lbs 9 oz   18th %
Height: 291/2 in      85th %
Head 461/4cm   75th%

He is doing really well developmentally. He is cruising and he waves says bye bye and waves.  He tries to mimic sounds that we say. He loves to play in the kitchen and take everything out of the cupboards.

We love him and are so glad that he is part of our family.

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