Monday, December 16, 2013

Drew is 18 Months

Drew got sick and wasn't feeling good for about a week and life was miserable for all of us. This picture was taken the day he finally started eating and feeling good. I love my little guy especially when he is happy!

Drew is growing up so fast and I wanted to document some of the things he is up to now. 

  • He is finally in nursery!
  • He is a little "Mine"-o-saur
  • Loves Dogs
  • Drew wakes up most mornings at 6:30. I consider myself lucky if he sleeps till 7:30
  • Every Morning when he wakes up he yells Mommy, Where are you? If I don't come right away he starts calling for Blake, who is still sleeping.
  • When he gets really sleepy he wants to go bye-bye in the car seat so he can fall asleep.
  • All of his teeth have broken through the gum :)
  • He loves his puppy and binkie
  • He loves mac and cheese
  • He loves to throw things in the garbage if we ask him
  • He loves to see his grandparents and great-grandparents
  • When he sees the camera and want us to take a picture of him he says Cheese but when I want to take a picture of him he wants nothing to do with the camera.
  • He does not like to eat with his bib on
  • Has a temper if he doesn't get his way
  • Is so cuddly and loving when he is tired, hurt, or has seen you in awhile

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